What Sets Your Bar Apart From the Rest?

Up your home bar game while showing your love for whiskey! Whiskey Bottle Lamps, Stands, and Signs!

I saw these really cool bottle lights once online but with a price tag too high to bother considering. But then I got to thinking, "I can make those!" And I can offer them at an affordable price too. Mix & match the bottles and bases, choose different frosted colors, or simply let me know what you're looking for. Have a favorite bottle you think would look good sitting on your bar, adding a little extra flare? Want to add a bottle to the collection that your friends won't have (yet)? Talk to me about what you're looking for and let's make it happen!Bar mirrors are overrated. What you're really missing is a handmade wooden bar sign featuring your favorite pour! I've got plenty of styles to choose from. Different sizes, shapes, stains, logos… Whatever you're looking for!

Bar Lights

It seems in the whiskey world that everyone loves saving empties...

I mean, I get it, some of those bottles are pretty cool looking. And some are so hard to find (or expensive when you do) that when the bottle is empty it's just hard to let it go.

Why not put that empty to use? Turn it into something that catches the eye. Make it something to talk about it. Give it a purpose again!

All bar lights come with bottle, base, bulb, and have an on/off switch on the cord to make it easier. Customization available upon request (change the base, bottle, frost color, etc...). All bar signs come with a metal sawtooth hanging mount on the back.

$25 | Bar light with 7" base or smaller .

$30 | Bar light with 8" or larger base

$175-$300 | Robot Bar Light and dispenser

Bar Signs - Made to Order

Nothing shows your love & loyalty to your favorite bottle than hanging a tribute in its honor. Sure you can always buy more bottles but what bar doesn't have a little advertising, right?

Each sign is handmade and can be custom designed by you. Whether you want clean and smooth or something cut out to give it depth, it's all up to you.

$ 40-60 | Custom Wooden Signs. Most signs are around 10" in size but do vary based on the wood and preferences of your request.

$100-125 | Barrel "lid" (or barrel head) is ~18". The cost will differ based on amount of detailed woodwork & design.

I've also made other non-whiskey themed signs upon request, so don't hold back, give me a new challenge or idea!

Browse the gallery below for lots of examples.