Lucky McWhiskey Bourbon Barrel Racing

This might be the most fun game you'll play. It's a simple, luck of the draw (or roll of the dice), easy to play game that requires no skill set other than knowing how to roll a pair dice. Played with a deck of cards, poker chips, dice, and the racing boards, this game will have you wondering where the last few hours went! Crazy addictive and fun for all ages. But even better when you realize you can use those poker chips to place your bets!

Scroll down and take a look. You can watch a brief video of how the game is played. And then keep scrolling and see the different ways you can customized your own racing board set! I haven't been stumped yet on a request, so what are you waiting for?!

Current Production Count:

46 Sets Made

How to Play

It's as simple as rolling the dice! All you need are your custom racing boards, a deck of cards, a pair of dice, and some friends to enjoy the fun. Each set of racing boards have lanes 2-12. These will correspond to playing cards two through Queen (Jacks equal the 11 & Queens equal the 12. You remove the Kings & Aces). It also so happens that with when you roll the dice you can roll anywhere from two through twelve. Coincidence? I think not! In simplest terms you take turns rolling the dice and moving the corresponding horse (or barrel) until one of them cross the finish line. Each player gets dealt playing cards that now represent your "bets". If you're holding the cards for the winning horse, you win! 

Bourbon Inspired Racing Boards

Custom Themed Racing Boards

Standard Sets, Sports Themes, Anime Themes, Colleges, Military, and more!

Custom Made Racers & Additional Add-ons

Initially when I created the game it was a way to use my extra Blanton's toppers. But not everyone hoards toppers I guess... So I started making bourbon barrels instead. Seemed fitting since the majority of boards were bourbon themed at first. Eventually we added new side games like "The Moose Tax" & "The Death Star". Then I was asked if I could make something other than the barrels. I'm always up for a challenge so, Why Not?! These are some of custom racers.

Ready to Start Racing?!

Each set of racing boards comes with a custom, printed & laminated set of directions. They have the basic rules on one side and additional side games on the other.

The "Moose Tax" for example is an extra piece blocking the path of an active racer. Encounter this piece and you must pay a tax to make it move. The "Death Star" is another way to grow the pot. Placed on a scratched racer's lane, "if the Death Star reaches Alderaan we're finished". The game resets but the pot keeps going!

Each set of racing boards comes with a printed & laminated set of directions. In most cases these too are custom to match your boards.

Racing Boards

$115 | Standard set of racing boards, clean & simple. Finish Line, Scratched, Horse Numbers. A set of mini barrels included. (two separate game boards, each ~24”x11”; combined 24”x22”)

$150 - $200 | Set of customized Racing Boards. The more the detail, the harder I work, the higher the cost. Examples of cost difference in photo descriptions. Large Barrel Toppers included. 

$75 | Single Bourbon Barrel Racing Board with set of mini barrels included (~24”x11”)

 $100 | NEW!!! Medium Sized Set. Same as Standard set however each game board is ~15”x11” or 15”x22” when combined.

 $30 | Custom Made Racers (examples: Horses, Cars, sports players, etc…)

$15 | Custom "horse names" along the lanes

$15 | Set of eleven (11) mini Barrel Toppers. Or comparable mini racers.

$25 | Set of eleven (11) large Barrel Toppers. Or comparable large racers.

Inquire about other custom toppers. From horses, to buttons, to cars, to barrels - I've got quite a few options. If you don't need toppers included in your Racing Board set we can alter the total cost accordingly.

Each set of Racing Boards is completely handmade & customizable by you. Tell me your "theme" or idea and I'll try my best to make it happen (I haven't been stumped yet!). Sports teams, color schemes, favorite bottle, whatever you want, I'll try to fulfill your wish. The more the level of detail the higher the cost. I'm happy to provide a quote before getting started. Some sets can be completed in a couple days, others might take a week. I have several stain and paint variations to do just that. Most decals, logos, labels, and words can be mirrored from your favorite item and incorporated into your theme.

Each set is comprised of two 24"x12" boards (approximate measurements & may vary. When placed together they are approximately 24"x24" and can be stacked for easy storage without risk of scratching the boards. All boards include directions on how to play the game along with additional variations of the basic game. Hinges available upon request for additional charge.  Dice, playing cards, poker chips, and/or Blantons toppers are not included or for sale. I do make the large & small Barrel Toppers (as seen in photos) which are available in either natural or "aged" looks.

Single Bourbon Barrel Racing Board now available. Same great game but in a smaller size. Great for travel! This single board is 22"x11" (approximate size, may vary) and comes with a set of the mini barrels included in the cost.

The layout of the boards can also be customized to an extent. You'll notice slight differences in each set of pictured boards. From the writing, decals and paint, to the carved lines (precise & straight or hand carved to give a look of a real horse race), each decision can be up to you. The holes however will always remain the same as they are based on the odds of rolling certain number combinations with the dice.